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My names Lee Donald, I’ve been tattooing now for about 20 years and I still love my job to this day. One of the things that I love most about it is seeing the customers satisfaction which I get to see day to day through my art, there’s no other job like it.

My ideal client is someone who just comes in and says “do what you want, it’s up to you”, of course they need to be able to sit good too because there isn’t anything worse than trying to create a piece of art when the client cannot stay still. In my spare time when I’m not tattooing I’m at home with my family either talking about tattoos or drawing on my little girls.

I love going to tattoo conventions for inspiration because you get to see some of the amazing artists out there from colour work to dot work, black and grey, all sorts of different pieces of art. It keeps my eye on the ball because theres so many artists out there that I’d love to be as good as, if not better than so gotta keep on learning.

My first tattoo was a little jester on my bicep and it took around an hour and cost £8.00 so that shows how much further tattooing has come on since then 😉 .


My names Zack, I’m 23 years old and I’m South African. I’ve been an apprentice at LD Studio for 3 years, I decided to become an apprentice here because Tattooing is like a form of art that is on a live canvas meaning it’s unique to every individual person and I enjoy helping people express their individuality.

My ideal client would be a person who is confident in me to interpret their ideas and allow me to incorporate my style. My worst kind of client would be someone who flakes out and also someone who doesn’t like Ridley Scott.

When I’m not tattooing I like the cinema (I don’t know what else to say about this, legit).

I aspire to become a great tattoo artist and the artwork of other tattooists inspire me.

The first tattoo I ever did was a nautical start.


My names Adam and I decided to join LD Studio so that I could follow my passion of drawing unicorns and fairies onto real people so it’s almost as if they are a real thing now 🙂 . When I was younger I used to have an imaginary fairy friend called Tinkerbell and we had so much fun together, I now have a tattoo of Tinkerbell on my back so that she’s always with no matter where I am.